1. An Inside Job: The First Step Toward Change

Head full of positive and negative words.

WHEN YOU WANT TO CHANGE your unwanted behavior and you seek help outside your best thinking, you are admitting that you are powerless to change through self-will. This is a courageous and worthwhile step. If your endeavor is successful, you will turn away from the bad and choose instead the good that you are seeking.

Whether it is a physical or emotional behavior you are seeking to change, the behavior is only a symptom of an underlying problem residing in the immaterial part of who you are. It’s not the alcohol, drugs, food, over-spending, over-or-under-achieving that’s your issue. It’s not even the anger, jealousy, depression, or self-loathing that’s your real problem.

The real issue is found in words strung together and stuck in your heart and mind as energy, an unseen matter that travels through your body. Energy that you carry and feel. Energy that you believe and trust.

Energy that you have given power to influence your thoughts, which in turn trigger certain behaviors.

When the energy is negative, it causes behaviors that can become unmanageable or undesirable. I believe the words that lead to unmanageable or undesirable behavior are negative energy that lives as demons within the soul of all humans. Demons that whisper or scream as if they have the authority to tell you what to do.

Or what not to do.

Demons are, after all, immaterial. We couldn’t cut you open and find them in your heart or mind, but you know they’re there. Telling you to drown out your pain, fear, disappointment, or other negative feelings, with some form of counterfeit strategy. Go ahead and indulge. You will die if you don’t.

You may have personified your demons because when you hear them, they may sound like people you know or have known. Do you still have the voices of your parents, teachers, or friends haunting you?

Or maybe the first love who betrayed you, or the bully who called you names?

Did the devil make you lose your temper? Or was it the store clerk, or your spouse, who reminded you of someone long ago who showed you such disrespect?

Can you see your spouse’s mother or father in their own behavior? Or your own mother or father in your spouse’s behavior?

I find it quite interesting, what some call generational curses, but it all made sense when I learned that energy is transcendent and can never be destroyed. How it moves from one person to the next. Through words.

How does one deal with a transcendent matter that lives inside the body as a demon, which has mutated like a virus? Read More...

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