10. Energy

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WHEN YOU STRUGGLE to get back to peace and harmony, you are not fighting against people, places, things, and circumstances. It may seem that way, and while they can have cause in the matter of your peace and harmony, or lack thereof, people, places, things, and circumstances do not control your peace and harmony. [biblegateway passage="Ephesians 6:12"]

Your struggle is against energy.
Let me explain. If you are looking for peace and harmony, your desire is to replace negative feelings with positive feelings. 

Negative or positive feelings are the effect of negative or positive energy. We like to say that people, places, things, or circumstances give us good or bad energy, but it is not true. 

Created beings or objects can only be cause in the matter of our experience with positive or negative energy.

Being cause in the matter of the manifestation of certain feelings is not the same as being the cause of certain feelings. 

If I killed your mother, I can be cause in the matter of your bitterness towards me, but I do not have the power to make you feel bitter. If I had the power to make you feel bitter, I would instead make you feel merciful towards me so that I would not feel fear of your retaliation. 

However, if you did feel bitter towards me, you would only be cause in the matter of my fear of you. You would not have the power to make me feel afraid. 

Like air, gravity, or electricity, energy isn't seen, but we know it is there. What we can see are the effects of energy. 

Positive energy causes ease and negative energy causes dis-ease. This positive and negative energy resides inside you, but you do not control it. You can only be cause in the matter of controlling energy. If you held the power over energy, you would never experience negative feelings or go to bed in peace and harmony and wake up in sheer terror. Or vice-versa. 

So, in order to find the source of positive and negative energy that you and others do NOT have power over, you will have to consider the possibility that it comes from somewhere else.  

Scientists have yet to explain or identify the source of energy. So, until they prove me wrong, I believe God is the source of energy. If you do not want to believe this you will either credit yourself, other people, places, things, or circumstances for your misery, or you will wear yourself out trying to find fleeting moments of peace and harmony. 

In other words, you will have to deny reality. 

It could be said that God is energy, and therefore that energy always existed. I say this because there is no proof that energy mysteriously happened one day, even with the Big Bang Theory. The Big Bang would only be the effect of whatever caused it to occur, undoubtedly with a supernatural amount of energy. 

I will not say emphatically that God is energy for fear that maybe energy is just one of his creations, but I do not have to commit intellectual suicide to say that he is the source of energy.  

The important thing to realize is that you believe something and now is the time to consciously know what you believe. 

To suggest to you that God is the source of energy is not to send you running down to the nearest place of worship to get some positive energy, so please do not confuse what I am saying with religion. 

Religion will not do any more for your struggle against energy than science will. 

Some religious people like to characterize God as the source of positive energy and Satan as the source of negative energy. However, if a supreme God is in control of all things and holds all the power in the universe, Satan cannot be the source of negative energy. 

Satan, a created, yet unseen being can only be cause in the matter of the effects of negative energy. If you cannot believe this, there is no reason to believe in a supreme God religion is selling. 

Why put your faith in a God that appears to be losing the fight against negative energy? 

If you can accept that your struggle is with energy, and the fight to get back to peace and harmony has robbed you of positive energy, your struggle is with the same God who gives you air and gravity. 

Your struggle is with the God who either is, or created, positive and negative energy. 

Your struggle is for a full measure of love, respect, significance, and security—all effects of positive energy. 

If you struggle to acknowledge God, your struggle is undoubtedly with negative energy that caused bad things to happen to you. Otherwise, why would you refuse to acknowledge God? You cannot deny that bad things happened to you, and if God has power over all energy, you cannot deny that he caused the bad things to happen. Your hurt, disappointment, anger, resentment, shame, and humiliation were the effects of negative energy. 

I know this is not an easy conversation, but please stay with me. If the God of the universe created both positive and negative energy, why would he allow negative energy to cause you so much pain and sorrow? Why would he ever allow Satan—your adversary and God’s created spirit of negative energy—to bring you harm? Read More...

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