11. Love: The Ultimate Objective

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LOVE IS THE PUREST form of positive energy and the source from which all emotions are realized. 

Emotions are neutral, but the energy behind emotions can be either positive or negative. We don’t think of emotions as neutral, but in reality, we know they are. 

Jealousy or anger, for example, can be manifested as either good or bad. If I covet what you possess, the source of that feeling is negative energy, but if I covet your friendship or your prayers, the source of that feeling is positive energy. Does this make sense to you? 

To understand love as the source from which all emotions are realized, consider the universal law of cause and effect. For every cause, there is an effect, and for every effect, there is a cause. 

Your thoughts, behaviors, and actions cause certain effects that are experienced in your life. You do everything you do in life, not necessarily out of love for others, but because of your need for love and the effects of love, which are a certain amount of respect, significance, and security. 

If you rob a bank, your hope is that you will enjoy the effects of your actions. Your hope is to gain some measure of security for yourself and possibly for your hungry family, but the energy behind your action is negative because it caused you to steal. 

Your feelings in the matter are not right or wrong, and while you may think your actions are right and good, you would think and feel differently if you were robbed. If you were robbed, you would experience the effect of losing some measure of love in terms of your own respect, significance, and security.     

The greatest commodity available to mankind is love. 

It is of so much value that without it, we cannot live. 

Without love, we may be successful in life, but success is empty without love. 

Without love, our lives become meaningless and we feel the effects of negative energy. 

I can find no greater purpose for God’s use of negative energy than to cause us to see the value of love.


I can find no greater motivator to love or to be loved, than the desire we have to escape the effects of negative energy. When we are filled with love, we want it to last eternally and we imagine we are experiencing a taste of heaven. When negative energy is present, we feel the love diminish within and this dis-ease gives us a taste of hell.  

We may think about God as love, but we may struggle to believe he can be anything that does not resemble love. I think this is because we place a value on love in terms of right and good. In doing so, we fail to see that God can or would do anything we think is wrong or bad. 

In our minds, this would make God evil and it impossible for us to reconcile that he is love. 

I think this is why we elevate Satan, the personification of evil, to be an adversary of God. This way, we can blame Satan, and not God, for the bad things that happen in life, which allows us to reconcile our faulty beliefs about love. 


The effects of negative energy can be personified as Death. 

Jesus said he holds the keys to Death and Hades,[biblegateway passage="Revelation 1:18"]  and this is why I believe God has power and authority over Death and therefore is not in a tug of war with evil. Satan is not fighting against God, nor is God fighting against Satan. God is an adversary to no one, and no thing, but he created Satan to manifest the effects of negative energy in our lives. 

Let me say this again. God is not in a contest for power or authority. 

However, you and I are in a fight for power and authority, and until we learn that God is not an opponent we can overcome, we will fight against God for power and authority, even if we do not know that it is God we are ultimately fighting against. 

Until we know better, we do not even realize that we are fighting against God for power and authority over our lives so that we can experience the effects of love, which are respect, significance, and security. 

Until we know better, we falsely believe that if we had the freedom found in having power and authority over our lives, we would manifest love through our own efforts. 

Until we know better, God will use Death to prove to us that fighting against him is a fight in futility. 

This conversation is important because you are at a place in your life where you want to experience change. It is not enough to understand techniques for change, but you must understand the real motive behind your desire for change. 

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