7. Desire is the Enemy to Freedom

Sedona sky with Oswald Chambers quote: Freedom is the ability to obey the law.
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FOR A MOMENT, visualize yourself in a place of utopia. It could be on a tropical island, in a mountain retreat, your dream house or wherever your wildest dreams take you. Wherever you choose, visualize yourself alone or with your favorite people, but with none of the pressures found in “fitting in” or “looking good”. Since you are in utopia, you are in charge and there is absolutely nothing to lose.

With one exception.

It shouldn’t be a big deal since you are in paradise, but you were told there is one thing you may not do.

The instructions are clear and precise; if you do the one thing you may not do, you will die.

What would the ‘one thing that you were told you might not do’ have to be, even with the penalty of death, for you to screw up your paradise?

Clearly it would have to be something that tempts you.

If I was told I could not swim in the ocean, jump out of an airplane, or scale the side of a mountain, I’d have no problems. If I was told I could not get drunk, watch television, or smoke marijuana, I’m going to be safe. However, I can think of several things I would struggle with, even at the risk of dying.

How about you?

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