Church Lady Chronicles

by Mable Hill

Life's JourneyHave You Been Down These Roads?

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on the computer in handcuffs
I GREW UP IN THE DAYS of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll, but I could not indulge myself like
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girl alone in a room
AS A KID, I SELDOM dressed up for Halloween. I did, however, wear a costume every day of my life, which always
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sheep on a hill
FROM THE MOMENT I heard him speak my name, I knew it was Jesus. It was a supernatural experience and
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woman in prison
IT WAS SHAME AND HUMILIATION  that stood on guard outside my solitary confinement and whispered to me, ‘Come back where you’ll
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Feeling like a discarded doll.
WHEN MY PERFECT STORM hit several years ago, I felt betrayed by God. Overwhelmed by a voice in my head
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baby's feet
IN MY TWENTIES, I did not know that most couples, upon losing a child, end up divorced. Nor did I
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Rough times make us want to quit.
THE ONLY THING THAT STANDS in the way of life is death. I don’t live my daily life conscious of this
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I HAVE DETERMINED THERE ARE two basic fears in life. One is the fear of people; the other is the fear
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The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger from bread.Mother Teresa
HE SPOKE MY NAME.  I looked to my left and then to my right on the night Jesus did not come
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Man and child walking hand in hand
WHAT GOOD IS ANY formal religion if it only adds to the long list of things one must do to
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whale under the dark sky
I DO NOT KNOW WHY Jesus was so willing to get my bus out of the ditch for eighteen years
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lighthouse in the storm
JESUS NEVER WANTED my life so that he could clean it up. He wanted my life, with my permission, so
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