Church Lady Chronicles

by Mable Hill

Life's JourneyHave You Been Down These Roads?

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woman sculpture
WHEN I AGREED TO give Jesus my life, I expected him to make it better and not worse, but I
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I AM the way, the truth, and the life.
I WOULD HAVE FEWER problems if I did not trust my opinions when I should trust the truth. But, some opinions,
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Head full of positive and negative words.
WHEN YOU WANT TO CHANGE your unwanted behavior and you seek help outside your best thinking, you are admitting that
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Like a bird in a cage we are not free.
SOME BELIEVE THERE ARE good people on this planet. It is an easy lie to fall for, especially when some
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Finding problems like rocks in a shallow river.
I ALWAYS WANT TO LOOK “out there” when I have a problem. I like to assign blame somewhere other than
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When I don't want to follow Jesus
I HAVE THIS PICTURE in my head that life is like driving a bus. (I’m more of a sports car kind
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Jesus resurrected Lazarus
I WOULD LIKE TO use the story about Jesus raising Lazarus from his grave as an example of why I
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Sheep on a cliff.
A GOOD CHURCH LADY knows that fear is a sin. Jesus never said, “Try not to be afraid.” He said,
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man with extended arms in front of waterfall
I GUESS EVERY TRUE Jesus follower goes through his own Isaac test. The Isaac test is when you face the
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view from inside home onlooking patio
SEVERAL YEARS AFTER THE Lord showed me that I loved his blessings more than I loved him, he told me
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Columbia River Railroad
I NEVER MEANT TO STOP loving Jesus. In fact, until he showed me that I had, or quite possibly that
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Cross atop a church facing a glorious sky.
“YOU TALK TO GOD?" the husband of a friend interrupted as I related a story to her about this journey
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