Church Lady Chronicles

by Mable Hill

Life's JourneyHave You Been Down These Roads?

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a clock's gears
IF I AM TO BELIEVE the word of God, I must accept that every good thought or deed you might
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I WAS NOT TAUGHT to wait for things to magically happen in life. I was taught to do something that could
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wrong side of the tracks
GOD INDEED WORKS IN mysterious ways. When he’s working on the inside of a person, trying to get it as
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dashboard idiot lights
I AM QUICK TO TELL others to communicate with the person who can do something about their upsets. I, however,
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ceramic heart with chain and lock
BEFORE I MET JESUS, I had no idea I needed him, except in a pinch when all else failed. Even
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praying hands on a Bible
A CHRISTIAN LADY IS NOT  supposed to believe in coincidences. Everything that happens out of the blue and ordinary is
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baby ducks
THE FOLLOWING IS A surprising confession about my lack of faith. One spring I became a surrogate to a pregnant female duck.
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alone in a crowd
IT IS A DIFFICULT PLACE to be when you don’t fit in like you once did. Your friends changed, or
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women at the bar
WHEN I WAS A KID in the sixties, I had to go to church twice on Sundays and again on
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man with boxing gloves
AT THE ONSET OF MY wilderness journey I fought, with confidence and great assurance against the circumstances that landed me
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duck nest
I WAS A CHRISTIAN a long time before I had an epiphany about instinctive behavior. Today, I am of the
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Negative words guide our thoughts.
NOTHING HAS EVER or will ever be created without the presence of words. The home you live in, the clothes
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