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Last modified: March 01, 2019

This Privacy Policy is published to describe the terms of our commitment to your privacy. This policy applies to all services offered at this website and covers all website visitors. Anyone excluded from this website due to the Terms of Use or refused service by this Website is still subject to this Privacy Policy when they persist in the use of this website.

POLICY CHANGES AND UPDATES: This policy is subject to change from time to time without notice, and it is the responsibility of the visitor to read the policy when visiting. If you have questions concerning this policy you may contact administration for clarification.

ACCEPTANCE OF THIS POLICY: Use of this website is your acknowledgement that you agree to and accept the terms of this document. Individuals viewing or using this website are bound to the terms of this policy.

COLLECTION OF INFORMATION AND HOW IT IS USED: The information we collect may or may not be personally identifiable and in either case it is only used in respect to the purpose of its collection and will not be sold to, or shared with third parties. Information is collected and used in the following ways:

Web Server Logs – These files are automatically generated by the web page server to log activity of the site usage. It does not reveal personally identifiable information about visitors. The information logged is the visitor IP address, browser type, visitor state or county, date and time of visit and other information which helps us monitor the website usage.

Cookies and tracking software – We use cookies and tracking software to provide the Services and for marketing purposes. Cookies are small data files that are placed automatically on a User’s computer by our equipment. These data files are read by us to determine whether you have visited our site before, how often, the length of time and which pages you view. Tracking software may observe Users’ use of the Services or movement on particular web pages.

E-Mail and Online Contact Form Submissions – Information voluntarily submitted to us through e-mail or the website contact form will be saved in our database and only used in respect to the purpose it was submitted. This information is for our use in respect to visitor relations and will NOT be sold to, or shared with third parties. Sensitive information which you wish to guard should not be relayed to us by use of e-mail or online contact submission form methods as these methods are subject to breech of security measures as outlined in the Terms of Use documentation.

CHILDREN’S PERSONAL INFORMATION: The Child Online Privacy Act of 1998 (COPA) protects children 13 years of age and under when submitting personal information online however we do not intentionally collect personal information from children .

DISCLOSURE OF PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION: The following instances are the exceptions to our standard policy procedures outlined above regarding the disclosure of personal identifying information submitted to us.

– We will disclose personally identifiable information to legal counsel in order to protect ourselves from liability.

– We will disclose personally identifiable information in response to legal entities in compliance with the law.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Please direct your questions or concerns regarding this policy or our treatment of personal information to the address below. Formal written complaints will be addressed in a serious attempt to resolve the issue and we may contact you regarding the complaint.

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