Restoring Positive Energy Within

Healing Emotional ScarsLife Changing Damage Control

Were you ever told to make lemonade with the lemons life gives you? Sometimes there just isn't enough sweetener!

Sparticles are “special coaching articles” to help you get rid of the weight from carrying resentment, bitterness, anger, and failed relationships.

Sparticles are Coaching Articles for Patron MembersAre you ready to lighten your load?

Head full of positive and negative words.
WHEN YOU WANT TO CHANGE your unwanted behavior and you seek help outside your best thinking, you are admitting that
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Like a bird in a cage we are not free.
SOME BELIEVE THERE ARE good people on this planet. It is an easy lie to fall for, especially when some
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Finding problems like rocks in a shallow river.
I ALWAYS WANT TO LOOK “out there” when I have a problem. I like to assign blame somewhere other than
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Negative words guide our thoughts.
NOTHING HAS EVER or will ever be created without the presence of words. The home you live in, the clothes
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The brain in need of reprogramming
THE MEANING YOU GAVE to each event that happened to you in your early life was banked in your subconscious
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sad little girl covering her face
THE ATTITUDE WE CHOSE as a child about the way we would view the world has everything to do with
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Sedona sky with Oswald Chambers quote: Freedom is the ability to obey the law.
FOR A MOMENT, visualize yourself in a place of utopia. It could be on a tropical island, in a mountain
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Lost in the woods with the sun shining through
IF YOU WERE LOST deep in the woods, after what was supposed to be a well-planned excursion that included fun,
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Sign says results not excuses
RECONCILIATION IS AN accounting term that implies a balance between credits and debts with nothing due and nothing owed. Reconciliation
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Storm hovering over meadow
WHEN YOU STRUGGLE to get back to peace and harmony, you are not fighting against people, places, things, and circumstances.
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Brilliant sunrise
LOVE IS THE PUREST form of positive energy and the source from which all emotions are realized.  Emotions are neutral,
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Discouraged man with an empty liquor bottle in his hand.
DEATH IS MORE THAN an event and effect of disease inside your body. Death is the cause of dis-ease inside
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