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house hanging on the edge


A Good Church Lady knows that fear is a sin. Jesus never said, “Try not to be afraid.” He said, “Do not be afraid.”


And every time he said this, which was the commandment he spoke more than any other, he always explained why to his sheep. (more…)

woman sculpture

Rough Edges

WHEN I AGREED TO give Jesus my life, I expected him to make it better and not worse, but I had no idea that his idea of a better life has nothing to do with my circumstances in life. I also had no idea how swiftly Jesus gets to work on his new recruits. 

With a chisel. 

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The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger from bread.Mother Teresa

Do The Two-Step


I looked to my left and then to my right on the night Jesus did not come through my front door, magically walk through the walls or come down the chimney like Santa.

I was sitting on my pink sofa, one of two pink sofas that I brought with me after my last divorce from the father of my precious son. I cannot explain how I instinctively knew it was Jesus, but if you have ever heard him speak your name, you understand. If not, you’ll think I had one too many drinks from the Baptist bar in my family room. But I hadn’t. 

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Walk of Shame

I HAVE DETERMINED THERE ARE two basic fears in life. One is the fear of people; the other is the fear of God. As a church lady, I should have a greater fear of God, but it just isn’t true. 

I am more afraid of people than God, simply because God already knows I am not perfect, and he is quick to forgive me when I stumble. People, on the other hand, must know I’m not perfect, but they don’t always remember what they already know. 

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