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Joy in the Midst of Sorrow

I never knew the difference between joy and happiness until I experienced joy apart from happiness.


It is happiness that I feel when life is going my way, and while I can use the word joy to describe my happiness, happiness falls short—way short—in describing the way I feel when life is not going my way. (more…)

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The Death Grip

FOLLOWING THE GPS WITH the full expectation of reaching my destination early, I noticed I was almost back where I began. That’s when I pulled into a parking lot to take a look at the map and soon realized I was going to be late. 


That’s when I felt the grip of Death.  (more…)


WE HAVE JUST ENOUGH  knowledge of good and evil to believe we know right from wrong. We only run into a wall when the lines get blurred or we look backward and see that we only thought something was right but turned out to be wrong.  (more…)

Storm Arriving

19. A Trip to The Dark Side

YOU'VE UNDOUBTEDLY HEARD it said that perception is reality. Is this true or false? It is certainly true that my perception of whatever is my reality.

It is a small distortion of the truth, but to be more succinct, perception is only my opinion of reality.

My opinion is not necessarily accurate. It may be accurate, but my opinion, simply because I have one, does not guarantee accuracy. My thoughts, feelings, and experience may give me the impression that my perception is reality, but if so, my reality could easily change if my thoughts, feelings, and experience change.

What I am saying is that I do not know reality outside my opinion of reality, and to believe otherwise will kill off the possibility of ever accepting what is truly real.

If I am not open to the possibility that what I believe is only my opinion of what is truly real, I may also do a sufficient job of killing you off at the same time. I’ll give you an example. Read More...

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