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One is the Loneliest Number

THANKS TO FACEBOOK, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media, we are now connected to friends and family worldwide. Some of those relationships are with people we’ve never met.

With one click we can like or share what we’ve seen, and if a phone call interrupts us, we’ve always got voice mail or the prepared text message that says, “Can’t talk right now.” 


And we wonder why we are alone.  (more…)

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14. Intimacy

AS I MENTIONED EARLIER, freedom always comes at a cost. If you want it, you will have to pay the price. And if you are not willing, you will pay the price for bondage. 

Freedom is to bondage what intimacy is to isolation. 

Intimacy occurs when you are in the company of another person and you feel safe to be your real self, without masks and costumes. This is freedom. 

Intimacy is not when you are physically undressed, but rather when the spirit and soul of who you are is naked. 

If you are only physically undressed in the company of another, you may engage in what is called sexual intimacy, but unless you are spiritually and emotionally naked, you will not experience the intimacy I am talking about. 

And by the way, given enough time, without spiritual and emotional intimacy, sexual intercourse will fail to give you what you most want in a love relationship. 

In other words, you can have sexual intercourse and still not get your needs met for love, respect, significance, and security. 

This is why so many couples complain about the sex “not doing it for them” any longer. Who they really are is hiding from the other. Or vice-versa. 

Make no mistake; the orgasm is not the end goal of sexual intercourse. 

The orgasm is simply the reset button. It brings you to a state of euphoria, where all is well with your soul. 

For a brief moment.

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When The Lights Go Out

ADAM AND EVE ENJOYED life without knowledge of their nakedness until they ate the fruit of the only forbidden tree in their paradise. And then they covered themselves. When God found them, Adam explained that it was his own nakedness that made him afraid and caused him to hide from God. 

But wait a minute.  (more…)