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12. Death

DEATH IS MORE THAN an event and effect of disease inside your body. Death is the cause of dis-ease inside and outside your body. If you want this dis-ease out of your body, you need to understand how Death operates in your life.

Let’s place death at the outermost end of the spectrum of energy and life on the opposite end.

This spectrum represents reality.

Now place yourself somewhere on this spectrum. After all, you are energy and cannot exist without it. How are you feeling today? If you feel alive, place yourself somewhere closer to life than death.

If you feel angry, afraid, bitter, hurt, disappointed, out of control, resentful, jealous, sad, depressed, or hopeless, you can place yourself somewhere closer to death than life. This is the place where you feel dis-ease.

When you feel dis-ease, is it safe to say reality does not match your expectations?

If God is—and you are not—the source of all energy and has authority over Death,[biblegateway passage="Revelation 1:18"] what do you suppose you are going to do to stop this dis-ease you do not control?

Have you willed yourself to be more positive only to find that acting positive is a temporary fix and requires you to leave reality?

Have your strategies to deny, minimize, or bury your feelings rid you of them?

Have you learned that time will not heal you either?

Have your strategies to ignore or defy Death caused you to run toward love?

Have you tried to love people, places, things, and circumstances to overcome your negative feelings?

Have you tried to love God with all your heart and found it to be impossible?

Have you been unsuccessful in finding relief from the pain you suffer by pleading to God?

Have you followed the advice of the religious people, who told you that you would be rid of negative feelings when you cleaned up your life; when you tithed; when you served in the religious institutions?

The reality is that you will never do anything to rid yourself, once and for always, of negative energy.

As long as you are physically alive, you will exist somewhere on the spectrum between life and death. Even when you seem to be winning, you will fight against the fear of losing what you have gained.

You cannot escape the effects of Death. The best you can do is to acknowledge Death as a genuine force of negative energy.

If God has the power and authority over all energy, but you believe otherwise, you will give your best effort to try to manage energy in and around yourself. Therefore, in reality, you think that you have power and authority over the energy in and around you. In order to manage the energy within your control, your focus will be on yourself and what you will do.

You’re a smart person, and you’ve had enough experiences in life to know what makes you happy and what makes you sad. You know what brings you contentment and what brings you turmoil.

You have learned from prior mistakes and now have rules for yourself to follow that will help you feel good, and if you are religious, you have accepted additional rules to follow, too. You do your very best to reach a full measure of love, respect, significance, and security.

And sometimes you win.

What I am describing is the belief and strategy that all human beings have used to get to peace and harmony. I have yet to meet a person who has not tried to manage the outcome of his or her own happiness.

This is true even with people who tried to manage their happiness by making other people responsible for their peace and harmony.

The paradox is that your strategy to reach a full measure of love by following your rules, or your religion’s rules, will always take you away from love.

Death will always be present to steal your peace and harmony, even when you acknowledge God. This is not because your rules or your religion’s rules are wrong or bad. Rules are neutral, the same as the emotions you are after, but your rules and your religion’s rules are cause in the matter of the negative energy you experience in trying to follow them. I'll give you an example to make my point.

Let’s say you have a rule that requires you to go to your place of worship every week. Or, let’s say you have a rule that requires you to visit your mother every week.

You determine these are good rules because they have delivered to you some measure of love.

Let’s say you know you don’t have to go, but you want to go. You are in control of your time and behavior and the feelings you are after. Let’s say you get very busy after a year of this routine, and you would rather not make the usual visits every week.

Let’s say what you want to do is to sleep in or sit in your underwear and drink beer the whole day you are supposed to follow your rule.

Regardless of what you end up doing, you will experience negative energy. The object of your love may not generate any negative energy toward you, but your rules will be the cause of the genuine turmoil you will feel.

If you do not make your visits, Death will accuse you of not being loyal, sincere, perfect, kind, caring, responsible, or whatever it is that will stir up the negative emotions within.

Death will do more than be cause in the matter of your guilty feelings, but Death will whisper to you that if you really loved God or your mother, you would not stay home.

Death will accuse you of being a hypocrite. If you do make your visits, your mind and your heart is divided. Now you feel the tug of war between positive and negative energy.

If you decide to make your visits, you are no longer in control of your rules. At this point, you forfeit the power and authority you have over your rules, and they control you.

You cannot do your life without rules. Like it or not, you do follow rules. Even if you say you don’t follow rules, you are following the rule that says you do not follow rules.

Your rules are always meant for your good, but if you follow them, you will always end up at the same place. You don’t own your rules.

Your rules own you.

If you want the dis-ease out of your body, you need to understand that Death uses rules to control and condemn you.[biblegateway passage="2 Corinthians 3:3-6"] Read More...

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