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house hanging on the edge


A Good Church Lady knows that fear is a sin. Jesus never said, “Try not to be afraid.” He said, “Do not be afraid.”


And every time he said this, which was the commandment he spoke more than any other, he always explained why to his sheep. (more…)

man crying

Joy in the Midst of Sorrow

I never knew the difference between joy and happiness until I experienced joy apart from happiness.


It is happiness that I feel when life is going my way, and while I can use the word joy to describe my happiness, happiness falls short—way short—in describing the way I feel when life is not going my way. (more…)


No Pain No Gain

“LAY BACK DOWN right now. If you don’t your guts are going to be all over the floor.” 

Of course, I did not know the doctor had already ripped through half of the six or eight inches of my lower abdomen with his scalpel in a typical, yet unplanned C-section gone bad.  (more…)

skull on top of Bible

The Death Grip

FOLLOWING THE GPS WITH the full expectation of reaching my destination early, I noticed I was almost back where I began. That’s when I pulled into a parking lot to take a look at the map and soon realized I was going to be late. 


That’s when I felt the grip of Death.  (more…)